Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bonds are going down long term

The chart above is for TLT, which is a treasury bond ETF.  Investors buy treasury bonds when rest of the market is in trouble. Since investors have been moving to the stock market, treasuries have come down gradually. As you can see , TLT has solid support at the up trend-line, where it has stopped many times over the years and i guess it will stop again at that line. (If it ever falls below that line, you can kiss good bye to low interest rates for a long time. It could happen if inflation some how gets to a very high level, like in the early 1980s.). Not sure how long it will take for the TLT to come down and meet the trend-line. This is one of the reason i'm bullish on the stock market in the long-term.
possible trades: Short TLT  or long TBT (inverse ETF)

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