Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bye Bye Nasdaq 2000, Hello 3000

When Nasdaq bottomed in 2002, it did that just above the 1000 point mark. Nasdaq reached the 2000 area around the first part of 2004 and it stayed around that area for the past 22 months(almost 2 years). Now it build a very good base around the 2000 area and now looking forward to meet the next multiple , 3000.But if you look at the chart above, the move up is going to get stopped at around 2775, a point similar to the area nasdaq just left(shown by the down blue arrows). Before it gets there the market will have to make a stop just below 2350 and build enough base to attack and move to the next resistance level at 2775.Going above 2775, is for another day,it may take years, but eventually will, we will see when it gets there. So bye bye 2000.

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